2015 Annual Christmas Toy Outreach for Kids

Over 500 Kids Received Toys this year at the Annual Christmas Toy Outreach. ūüéĄūüéĄūüéĄThank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! #bobhurleyautofamily¬†#americanwastemanagement #kvoo #projectreachtulsa And Thank You to many more private donators for making this a Success! ūüéĀūüéĀūüéĀ#toys2015 #giveback¬†

We Love Park Elementary School Teachers & Staff! ūüŹ†ūüĖ®ūüďč‚úāÔłŹ‚úŹÔłŹūüĖćūüíó

Copy paper for the Teachers at Park Elementary School! ūüŹ†ūüĖ®ūüďč‚úāÔłŹ‚úŹÔłŹūüĖćūüíó #projectreachtulsa¬†#teachersrock #fabwell #parkelementary #tulsa

School Supply Drive 2016

Shopping for the school supply drive! ūüėä #ProjectReachTulsa¬†#parkelementaryschool

April 2016 Perfect Attendance – The Ice Cream Truck- Park Elementary School ūüć°ūüćßūü涂ėÄÔłŹūüĎćūüėÜ

Perfect day for April 2016 Perfect Attendance winners and The Ice Cream Truck at Park Elementary School! #projectreachtulsa ūüć°ūüćßūü涂ėÄÔłŹūüĎćūüėÜ


This is my FAVORITE outreach of the year!!! It was hard keeping it a secret but with a lot of help from some key people along with some very generous partnership donations the kids today at Park Elementary School each received a New Bicycle for Christmas! Thank you for another successful year! #projectreachtulsa #humblesonsbikeco #fabwellcorp […]

2015 Christmas Toy Drive for the Kids!!!

Once again we are teaming up with The Bob Hurley Auto Family for The Annual Christmas Toy Drive for Reed Community Center. The Annual Event will help benefit close to 500 kids in the Tulsa area. ¬†This year we are asking for a $10-$15 unwrapped toy which may be dropped off at any Bob Hurley […]

FREE Give-Away for Moms In Need-THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

Helping Kids in Need in west Tulsa

NOW THRU AUGUST 20TH Park¬†Elementary¬†School¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† DROP OFF LOCATION AT:¬† BOB HURLEY FORD 745 W. 51ST, TULSA Supply¬†List Items¬†requested¬†by¬†all¬†grade¬†levels¬†(1st¬†through¬†5th)¬†per¬†child 2¬†Boxes¬†of¬†Kleenex¬†Tissues 1¬†Box¬†of¬†Colored¬†Pencils 1¬†Pkg.¬†Crayola¬†Markers¬†Classic¬†Colors¬†(Washable) 2¬†Boxes¬†Crayons¬†(24¬†count) 1¬†Container¬†Clorox¬†Wipes 1¬†Pkg.¬†Paper¬†Towels Items¬†Requested¬†by¬†Specific¬†Grade¬†Levels First¬†Grade¬†(two¬†classes)¬†‚Äst58¬†students 1¬†Pkg.¬†Index¬†Cards¬†(any¬†size¬†and¬†color) 1¬†Pair¬†¬†¬†Fiskars¬†Scissors¬†(blunt¬†edge) Second¬†¬†Grade¬†(two¬†classes)¬†‚Äst58¬†students 1¬†Pair¬†Sharp¬†Point¬†Fiskars¬†Scissors Third¬†Grade(¬†two¬†classes)¬†¬†–¬†50¬†students 1¬†Pair¬†Sharp¬†Point¬†Fiskars¬†Scissors Fourth¬†Grade¬†¬†(two¬†classes)‚Äst50¬†students 1¬†Pair¬†Sharp¬†Point¬†Fiskars¬†Scissors Zippered¬†plastic¬†pencil¬†bags Fifth¬†Grade(¬†one¬†class)¬†‚Äst30¬†students 1¬†Pair¬†Sharp¬†Point¬†Fiskars¬†Scissors Zippered¬†plastic¬†pencil¬†bags   All¬†classes¬†need¬†multiple¬†dry¬†erase¬†markers¬†for¬†each¬†child,¬†but¬†do¬†not¬†want¬†them¬†handed¬†out¬†to¬†the¬†children.¬†¬†They¬†want¬†to¬†hand¬†them¬†out¬†and¬†collect¬†them¬†after¬†activities¬†so¬†they¬†don‚Äôt¬†get¬†dried¬†out.¬†¬†If¬†possible¬†the¬†staff¬†would¬†appreciate¬†copy¬†paper¬†too¬†but¬†later¬†on¬†in¬†the¬†year.   hHELP US IMPACT A LIFE! THANK YOU!

This Is The Season To Give!

School Supplies Drive for Park Elementary School 2014

ÔŅľÔŅľ The 2014-15 school year is here and once again we will help the Park Elementary kids with school supplies!!! Needed Supplies: Kleenex #2 Pencils Clorox Wipes Dry Erase Markers Paper Towels Pencil Bags Ziploc Bags (gallon & quart sizes) Copy Paper Hand Sanitizer Composition Books Thanks for your continued support! ÔŅľBob Hurley Ford 745 […]